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Merchant Services

We stand alone when it comes to the efforts put in to taking care of our merchants no matter how big or small. 

In this industry, the merchants are at the mercy of the processors. Hidden fees, complex statements, and sometimes even raising of rates is not uncommon. 

We have made it our absolute purpose to protect and serve you with complete honesty and integrity. Treating our merchants this way is the right thing to do. Besides, we know when you trust and believe that we have your best interest at heart you’re going to be with us for a long time. 

We easily beat the  big banks and processors that are taking advantage of merchants by charging hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for credit card terminals, locking them into long-term agreements, over-charging on rates, and not giving personalized service.

When you partner with Dependable Solutions, you can count on our commitment to maintaining high levels of security for each of our merchant processing products. We’ll help protect your customers and your business from the increasing complexities of electronic theft and credit card fraud, so that you reduce costs and liability while improving revenue. 

Our complete line of PCI compliant merchant services meets the highest standards of payment security.

E-commerce solutions

E-Commerce Websites

Now, accepting credit cards online — as well as other payment types — is just a mouse click away. 

Our secure e-commerce payment gateway allows you to accept major credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments. You’ll get fast, safe, Internet transactions, with always-low rates that significantly reduce costs. 

Verifying accounts is immediate and easy, boosting your online sales and increasing cash immediately.

Secure, Efficient, E-Commerce Credit Card Processing

Dependable Solutions helps merchants accept credit cards online with secure e-commerce payment gateways and services that make accepting electronic payments quick, easy and safe

  • Increase online sales by accepting credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments on your website.

  • Simplify the checkout process by integrating with major shopping carts and providing fast, secure transactions.

  • Comply with PCI DSS standards to protect online data.

Dependable Solutions is your one-source solution for all your website credit card processing and e-commerce needs.


Mobile Credit Card Processing

At Dependable Solutions, we make it easy to accept credit cards from your iPhone or iPad. Just download the free mobile payment app, plug in the optional card swiper, and start increasing the efficiency and security of your mobile transactions. 

With iPad and iPhone processing capabilities, you can sell, refund and pre-authorize transactions instantly. Receipts can be signed and emailed right from your mobile device.

We offer a full suite of advanced mobile credit card processing solutions to help your business maintain a competitive edge in today’s evolving market.

  • Enjoy secure mobile payment processing for all major debit cards and credit cards.

  • Choose from a wide range of mobile processing equipment compatible with major brand systems, including iPhone and iPad credit card swipers.

  • Stay connected, accept credit card payments and increase sales no matter where your business takes you.

As mobile technology rapidly advances – allowing consumers to shop online and executives to hold conferences from their mobile phones – mobile credit card processing becomes more accessible, convenient and secure.

With Dependable Solutions advanced mobile merchant account solutions, you can accept major credit cards and debit cards from your smart phone or tablet. Now, you can improve customer service and increase sales wherever your business takes you.

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